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Personal Trainer


I am currently an active martial artist and have competed in karate, wrestling, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, and muay thai.

  For over a decade I have been involved in the fitness industry, providing clients with personal training, nutrition, and exercise therapy.

  I was also a martial arts instructor and combat swim instructor for the U.S. military, and coached elite level operators from the French Foreign Legion, British Royal Marines, Republic of Korea Marines, and Israeli Defense Force. I have worked with all levels of athletes from beginner to elite, amateur to professional.

 In college I studied paramedicine, lifeguarding, CPR, AED, blood-borne pathogens, and oxygen administration.

  I look forward to working with athletes from all levels. Let's work together to achieve your performance goals!


Weight Cut Management Specialist (through Lockhart and Leith)


I provide private lessons in the following areas: 


Strength and Conditioning

(Designed to improve strength, cardiovasuclar function, and work capacity using the 7 basic principles of overload, reversibility, progression, individualization, periodization, and specificity. )

Resistance Band Training

(Activate and tone muscles by improving muscular strength, balance, and mobility. Great for injury prevention and injury recovery.)

Mit Holding Sessions

(Private pad holding session for those seeking to improve cardiovasuclar function and mobility while learning basic striking skills.)

Speed and Agility

(Improve raw acceleration, top end speed, coordination, balance, strength, and body control.)



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